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         Brand Identity
   1     Art Direction

⏐ 01    Yambo
         Type System

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        Brand Identity1
  1  . Typography  


 03.  BOU
        Brand Identity
   1  1Typography

⏐ 04.  Grow
11 ...  Brand Identity

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         Visual Arts
1 1...  Brand Identity

06   A24
        Brand Identity

⏐ 07  Accidental Art
⏐        Archieve
   1  . Typography 

08  Storefront for Art
     and Architecture
    ..  Brand Identity


 Jaeyou Chung
 New York based designer.
Currently at COLLINS.


 E.       jaeyou.chung@gmail.com
IG.     @jaeyou.c


ONE Club Young Ones 2022
TDC 2022*2
German Design Awards 2022*2

⏐00   Night Cap

⏐ Brand Identity | Art Direction

⏐ Wine bar located in Seoul, KR.
 Full case study coming soon.


 01   Yambo

⏐ Type System | Website

⏐ Yambo Studio celebrates 10 years with a full rebrand and
⏐ website redesign. The new site features a streamlined grid
⏐ system and adaptive typographic language, showcasing a
⏐ decade of commercial projects and their new Objects output,
⏐ exploring technology and craft.

⏐ My contribution involved developing a typographic system and
⏐ collaborating with the internal team on designing the website.

Creative Direction | Yambo
Production | Clem Shepherd
Website Design | Yambo, Clem Shepherd, Jaeyou Chung,
⏐ Dor Sagiv
Look Development | Yambo, Clem Shepherd, Dor Sagiv
Sound Design | The Soundery
Objects Assistant | Ayca Noel
Typographic System | Jaeyou Chung




⏐ 02   X Museum

⏐ Identity Rebrand | Typeface Design

⏐X Museum is dedicated to celebrating new ideas and embracing ⏐a multitude of cultures. Their goal is to foster an inclusive ⏐environment, both on-site and in the virtual domain.

⏐The new brand identity elegantly intertwines both physical and ⏐virtual realms, enabling two different dimensions to coexist ⏐seamlessly within the same space.


02.  BOU
        Beyond Our Utopia

Brand Identity | Typeface Design

BOU is a conceptual company leading the development of wearable robotics. The experimental typeface is designed to represent 'body enhancement' incorporates responsively stretchable elements, straight graphic lines, repeated curves, and jigsaw piece buildable sections. The typography not only mirrors the innovative and futuristic focus of the company but also encapsulates the essence of the cutting-edge technology it is pioneering.



03   Grow

Brand Identity | Art Direction | Packaging | 3D

Grow is a meticulously crafted water brand designed specifically for indoor plants. Just as different kinds of water interact with and affect our bodies uniquely, the same principle applies to the well-being of your plants.

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